How to Watch or Download Baahu (Raahu) 2020 Tamil Full Movie

How to Watch Download  Baahu (Raahu) 2020 Tamil Full Movie 


It was a new comers movie with all youngsters who always chase their dream and passion what ever they want to pursue.

Coming to this movie, right from the beginning, screenplay, BGM, action performances by lead roles especially heroine and child artistes are very well planned and executed.

Emo emo & kshanam songs gave another vibe to the movie.

Second half literally glued us to the seats with a never expected twist( director has to be given one for executing this) and amazing performance by heroine and hero.

Lady fighting over her inhibitions, insecurity and her rare disorder and coming out as a winner ..

Implies  Raahu the winner..

How to Watch Download  Baahu (Raahu) 2020 Tamil Full Movie 

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