Launch is PUBG: New State game, pre-registration starting in Google Play Store

Launch is PUBG: New State game, pre-registration starting in Google Play Store

Krafton Inc, the creator of the popular Battle Royale game, PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Ground), today launched a new game. PUBG: Krafton Inc has announced the name of this game called New State through a YouTube video today. The video also discusses the game's graphics, story and gameplay.

Looking at the video, it can be guessed that this game will have a lot in common with the original PUBG game. PUBG: New State pre-registration has already started from Google Play Store. Although PUBG Mobile is banned in India, the game is not available in the Google Play Store in this country.


According to the Google Play Store, the PUBG: New State game will feature ultra realistic graphics and dynamic songplay. It will also see the use of things like drones, combat rolls. Many claim PUBG: New State is actually PUBG 2.0 (coming soon).  However, the new game is currently available for Android users. This game can be downloaded in upgraded version of Android 8.0 or above.

PUBG: Is there a Chinese addition to the New State?

South Korean video developer Krafton Inc has made it clear that it has not partnered with China's Tencent to distribute the new game.  The Chinese company was in charge of the distribution of the relevant Pubji Mobile. However, PUBG: New State is still not available for India.


According to reports, this new game has been developed by PUBG Studio. They had earlier made the PC and console version of Pubji.  PUBG: In the New State game, like PUBG Mobile, 100 players will face each other until a team or a player stands. This fight will be within a map where there will also be a compressed blue zone. Here, too, players have to find weapons, vehicles and health to survive.

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