Author's Guide Author's Guide. It is a brief guide for those wanting to write for It aims to help authors to understand our requirements.


How to add an article and earn money

You just need to provide a link. For example, You have a youtube video for file download and put a link in the description box for download the file. You can earn money by this link. How to complete it, Please follow our instructions.


1. At first create your account.


2. Add a article and put your link in the Content.







3. Submit the article for review. 


After approve your article.

4. Copy the article link and put your video description box. Now, you will earn revenue for every article that is published.



Difference Between Hits and Paid Views Hits are Counted When Anyone Just Open your Article Link and Paid Views is Counted When Someone Read and Spend Few Time to Read your Article. We Pay on the Paid Views not on Hits.